Eye Care and More

After a long day at work, you’re probably looking forward to sitting down on the couch and relaxing. However, before you do that, it might be wise to take your glasses off for a few minutes. This will allow your eyes to rest without any pressure from the frames or lenses against them. It may also help with headaches if they are caused by eyestrain.

If you find yourself in need of an optometrist in Lexington KY, One-Stop Optometry is here for all your needs! We offer eye exams as well as many different types of corrective lens options including reading glasses, bifocals and sunglasses.


The first thing you should do when you visit an optometrist in Lexington, KY is book an appointment. This allows for enough time to be scheduled so that there are no interruptions during the exam process. The next step will be filling out any paperwork needed before your examination can begin.

Optometry exams are very thorough and take about one hour at One-Stop Optometry! With this being said, many people find it best to schedule their appointments early in the morning or later in the afternoon because they often run longer than expected due to multiple tests needing to be completed throughout them. These tests include visual acuity test s , refractive error testing, cornea clearance measurements as well as pupil dilation if necessary .

Finally , our staff here at One-Stop Optometry will go over the results of your eye exam and choose a pair or frames that best suit you.

The optometrists at One-Stop Optometry look forward to meeting all new patients in Lexington, KY! We’re here for anything from an annual checkup to serious eye injuries caused by accidents due to negligence .

Our goal is not only to help improve our patient’s vision, but also their overall quality of life as well !